September 22, 2022

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Connecting Over 200 European Cities by Train
Blog Name: News in Travel IndustryAuthor: Nelly Kats , Luxury Travel AdvisorPosted on: September 22, 2022

A New Night Train Network Is To Fully Connect Over 200 European Cities

The climate crisis and rising fuel prices have caused particular concern in society, with governments looking for sustainable and practical solutions.

In this direction, the Green party in Germany presented an innovative project: A trans-European night train network, the Euro Night Sprinter, which will be powered by renewable energy sources and will consist of 40 international long-distance lines. It aims to connect more than 200 cities and towns across Europe by 2030, from Lisbon in the west to Moscow in the east and from Helsinki in the north to Malaga in the south. This would favor journeys of a few hours by train rather than by air, since aviation produces almost 14 percent of emissions.

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