Walking With Your Luggage in Dubrovnik Could Get You Fined

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Walking With Your Luggage in Dubrovnik Could Get You Fined
Blog Name: News in Travel IndustryAuthor: Lev Shamilov , Chief Technology OfficerPosted on: July 7, 2023

Heading to Dubrovnik anytime soon? Make sure your luggage doesn't have any wheels.

Dubrovnik, a beloved sanctuary for enthusiasts of Game of Thrones and sun-seekers alike, has become a captivating magnet for adventurous travelers. However, those planning a summer getaway to this Croatian gem should ponder the idea of traveling lightly, as they will encounter an intriguing requirement.

A fresh decree has been issued, proclaiming that those venturing into Dubrovnik's revered Old Town must relinquish the convenience of rolling their suitcases through its intricate alleys. Henceforth, weary visitors will be obliged to bear the weight of their belongings without alternative means of transportation.

Yep, you've heard this right! Simply walking on the streets of Dubrovnik with the luggage on wheels could get you fined.

This innovative policy sprang from the visionary mind of Dubrovnik's current mayor, the intrepid Mato Franković. A concerted effort to quell the commotion that has perturbed the local residents, the rule emerged as a remedy to the disruptive noise that shattered the peaceful ambiance, caused by travelers rolling their wheeled contraptions over the time-worn cobblestones.

Unfortunately, individuals who brazenly defy this decree and audaciously continue to roll their luggage on the revered grounds of Dubrovnik may find themselves entangled in the clutches of the legal system, facing the daunting prospect of a hefty fine amounting to an astonishing sum of €265 ($290 at the time of writing this article). Such a financial sting could make even the wealthiest traveler recoil in monetary discomfort.

Remarkably, in the eyes of the enterprising mayor, these new regulations represent nothing short of an auspicious beginning. Envisioning a not-so-distant future, the city authorities aim to eradicate suitcases entirely from Dubrovnik's fabric. To this end, an ambitious plan will be set in motion starting in November, whereby visitors' bags will be consigned to external storage facilities and gracefully delivered to their respective accommodations by diligent couriers. This envisioned utopia of convenience, however, may come at a steep cost, leaving potential visitors grappling with the implications of an extravagant journey.

Yet, while the grand vision of an idyllic Dubrovnik, free from the burden of cumbersome luggage, is meticulously devised, the fate of those who are physically less able, lacking the capacity to carry their burdens unassisted, remains uncertain. An interim plan, a soothing solution for the less agile and mobility-impaired, seems to have escaped the attention of the city's authorities.

Furthermore, tourists have been earnestly implored to demonstrate deference and respect toward this esteemed cityscape. A list of guidelines offers wise counsel, beseeching individuals not to wander with unrestrained pets, lest they roam freely. Monuments, steeped in history and revered, should not be ascended like audacious conquerors, while the apparent impropriety of strolling bare-chested through the streets calls for appropriate attire befitting the esteemed urban environment.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Dubrovnik's enchantment, the interplay of complexity and vibrancy manifests itself anew, eliciting both introspection and anticipation as visitors traverse the storied streets of this dazzling coastal gem.

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