Why book with a travel agent?

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Why book with a travel agent?
Blog Name: Travel TipsAuthor: Nelly Kats , Luxury Travel AdvisorPosted on: October 1, 2023

Lately and especially this year 2023 I get so many calls from random people announcing to me with hint of pride that they never used a travel agent, and this time they decided to give us a try. How can you reply to such a statement? Good for you? Or why now? Well, that’s sarcasm which happens to be my wanna be favorite reply, but I stop and think a second and then politely ask how can I help?!

And usually it is something silly like how do I bring my dog on a plane or airline tickets between San Diego and Denver or similar easy route that can easily be looked up online and booked right there avoiding all that waisted time. Those people look for an agent, check out my all 5 star reviews, read my website bio where it’s clearly states only International travel, group tours, all cruises, travel insurance, etc complex trips. Not a word about domestic flights and yet they pick the best - me…to trust with their $39 flight to Denver. 

So, it makes me think, did those people never traveled in their adult lives or is it something related to post-pandemic fears of anything and everything?


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