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Top Travel Trends
Blog Name: World NewsAuthor: Nelly Kats Posted on: September 15, 2018

Top Travel Trends include more multi-generational travel, active or adventure trips, river cruising, food and wine travel and celebration travel. 

Top travel motivations include exploring new destinations, crossing off bucket-list items, seeking authentic experiences, rest and relaxation and personal enrichment.

Top global destinations include: 

Italy, Iceland, South Africa, France, Australia and New Zealand (tie). 

Top millennial destinations include: 

Thailand, Italy, Iceland, Costa Rica, Australia and South Africa (tie). 

Top honeymoon destinations include: 

Italy, Maui, French Polynesia, Maldives and Bali.

Top family travel destinations include: 

Italy, Mexico, Orlando, Hawaii, Costa Rica. 

Top cruise itineraries are: 

Mediterranean, Alaska, European river, Caribbean and Greek Islands. 

Top Emerging Destinations include Iceland, Croatia, Japan, Cuba and Portugal. Top Adventure Destinations include: 

South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Antarctica. 

Top U.S. destinations include: 

New York, Maui, Miami/South Beach, Las Vegas, Napa Valley/Sonoma. 

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