How do you book your travel?

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How do you book your travel?
Blog Name: Addicted to TravelAuthor: Nelly Kats , Luxury Travel AdvisorPosted on: March 12, 2024

How do you book your travel?

What is the best way to find out about your next travel destination? Most people will trust family members or better yet friends and especially Facebook friends. Somehow we tend to trust a stranger who posts fabulous pictures of themselves holding a drink with an umbrella in front of some turquoise body of water lounging around on a mega ship. Here our imagination starts running wild and we all want to be there and hold that drink, no better yet drink it, and another and 2 more. It’s better be an all-inclusive kind of place.

So they follow and want to do the same and have similar experiences, they prefer not having to do something extraordinary, because it just may be too different. So they visit the same resorts as so and so did, or whatever they read in the travel bestsellers books. People do not want to experience something new because it is just not done. I am not talking about everyone, but it is seems to be a new trend lately.

Same with cruises, you want the same as your best friend, because they take few cruises and suddenly they become an expert in cruising.  

Somehow talking to an experienced travel agent seems to be an old-fashion thing to do these days. Strangely younger generation will readily trust an Instagram's 22-year old influencer who is suddenly an expert in travel then a seasoned professional travel advisor who has been everywhere and knows ins and outs of every aspect of travel, knows which resort has a fantastic beach or excellent restaurant or great night entertainment for the specific age group. That same travel advisor can ask only few questions and make the right decision on what kind of cruise to choose for your multi-generational family or a romantic cruise without having to worry of screaming kids next door or perhaps recommend you destination that is the right season to travel or no crowds. We, travel agents know a lot and we are constantly learning and changing with the technology, we love showing you the right way to travel and we have been there for years with vast knowledge of the best places to visit. Very often we offer lower prices than internet, or more amenities like extra shipboard credit or complimentary breakfast at your hotel that would charge you additionally. Why do some people assume that they can do it better and cheaper if they book directly? And why would you keep making mistakes searching Google or getting advice from someone who has not been there for 30 years selling travel? Isn’t it just easier to let a professional do the job for you and prepare the perfect itinerary? All you have to do is pack your bag and enjoy your next bucket list gateway booked via travel advisor knowing there will be no oops moments during your travels!!!

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